About this site

This site is dedicated to the exploration of the abandoned Ontario, Arnprior
and Parry Sound Railway bed that has become known, in part, as the Seguin Trail.
There are no preferred users of it, whether hiker, hunter, atv'er, cyclist,
birdwatcher, berrypicker, naturalist, dirtbiker, or camper etc.

Since I was a kid in the late 1960's early 1970's, I have been attracted to the
railway bed. I remember the first time I walked from my family cottage with my
father to the trail, down to a spot that has always been known to us as 'Bridge Out'
This was where the railway crossed the Seguin river over a high bridge. Where
the trail met South Seguin Estates road there had always, that I remember, been a
old, faded, barely legible barnboard sign that read: Bridge Out.

When I got in my early double digit years, I walked farther in each direction from my cottage,
breaking new ground each year. As a kid, I yearned for a mini bike so I could extend my
search of this amazing path that cut through forest, solid rock and had many flooded spots.
I was sure that an undiscovered ghost town lay just out of reach. I would look at the ground and
be interested by the slag, the railway spikes and ties strewn around. I was saddened
that none of the grown-ups shared my enthusiasm for exploration of the railway bed.

When I got in my early teens, I started to bring friends to the cottage. This led to exploration
further down the trail but still no ghost town. Actually,  Seguin Falls is technically
a ghost town, but just looked like a really run-down town to us. One point of interest
was the King George hotel with it's old style tall gas pump with a glass cylinder where
you could see the gas as it was pumped. The hotel burned to the ground years ago and only
the stone fireplace and chimney remain.

As I got older, I explored the trail with amphibious vehicles, dirt bikes and ATVs. This greatly extended
my range. Suddenly I was able to go thirty, forty or more kilometers or more without worrying about being
caught in the dark in the way home. It also gave me the ability to check out the myriad of side-trails
along the way. I have now followed the railway bed from Depot Harbour to Algonquin park on
many occasions. The course of the railway bed can be extremely difficult to follow at  times through areas
like Kearney.

More to come...
. . .